Net worth July 2016

To reach financial freedom someday it important for me to follow how my finances are improving. Idea is that I should be able to grow my assets and pay off my liabilities and thus growing my net worth.


Home: 279,200.00€
Portfolio: 4,321.00€
Debt handling account: 508.00€
Cash: 450.00€

Total: 284,479.00€


Mortgage: 224,342.00€
Student loans: 13,677.00€
Spending loan: 3,596.00€
Credit card: 650.00€

Total: 242,255.00€

Net worth 42,224.00€


My net worth keeps on rising. Hopefully I can keep this up.


My portfolio, or what I like to call snowball kept on rising on it’s own.


My bad debts keep going down but I still have more of those than I had a year ago.


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