Income and Expenses for July 2016

I hope that by following actively my spending, it will keep me for spending too much. Also I want to spend my money on the right things and pay off my debts.
Other thing is that I want to show that even if I do not earn the most. I still can save and invest and hopefully reach financial independence.


Paycheck: 2,876.00€



maintenance fee: 198.50€
Mortgage interest: 225.00€


Food and others budget: 500.00€
Fuel: 150.00€
Electric: 108.71€
Dentist: 95.90€
Insurance: 67.15€
Gym: 66.00€
Internet: 19.90€
Daycare: 11.50€

Debt payments

Mortgage: 750.00€
Student loan: 125.00€
Credit card: 300.00€
Spending loan: 100.00€

Total:  2,717.66€

I managed to spend less money than I made. So that was great. I had a lot of expenses this month, more than usually. I spend a lot on fuel. Also, I get electric bills and insurance bills not every month and sometimes they hit the same month like happened now. 

I also had visit at the dentist. One hour of dental work cost that much. I have to go again next month over there when they will do some more work. Last time I went to dentist 4 years ago when you should go there every year, so some work has piled up. But no cavities so that was good. 


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