Net worth June 2016

To reach financial freedom someday it important for me to follow how my finances are improving. Idea is that I should be able to grow my assets and pay off my liabilities and thus growing my net worth.


Home: 279,200.00€
Portfolio: 4,037.00€
Debt handling account: 416.00€
Cash: 400.00€

Total: 284,053.00€


Mortgage: 225,111.00€
Student loans: 13,793.00€
Spending loan: 3,686.00€
Credit card: 850.00€

Total: 243,440.00€

Net worth 40,613.00€

This is how my net worth has developed after I started to track it. It was in the negative and I have slowly been growing it up. That big jump happen when I valued our home, it had grown in value over the time we had been living there. My net worth grew from last month, so that is good.

This is my portfolio, it has grown a lot by itself over the past two years. And from last month it grew again, but mainly from me adding new money to it.

This is the bad debts that I have since I started to track them. I have really struggle with these. Somehow I manage find more of these when I should be getting rid of them. But on the positive side, last months direction is down so that’s good.


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