Income and Expenses for May 2016

2014-03-22 17.12.48

I have been following my income and expenses for couple years now. It started for as a way to see how I actually was spending my money and for the first few months I was spending a lot more than I was making. I did some corrections to my spending to make sure I did not spend more than I make.

I hope that by following actively my spending, it will keep me for spending too much. Also I want to spend my money on the right things and pay off my debts.

Other thing is that I want to show that even if I do not earn the most. I still can save and invest and hopefully reach financial independence.


Paycheck: 2,343.00€



maintenance fee: 171.95€
Mortgage interest: 225.00€


Food and others budget: 500.00€
Washing machine: 410.00€
Gym: 66.00€
Fuel: 60.00€
Daycare: 46.00€
Internet: 19.90€

Debt payments

Mortgage: 750.00€
Student loan: 125.00€
Credit card: 100.00€
Spending loan: 100.00€

Total: 2,483.85€

Income in May was higher than normally because of overtime, but expenses where still even higher. Our washing machine broke and we needed a new one. In a 3 person family washing machine is something that we really do need. I managed to find one on discount and it washes and dries our laundry. It was also 19 years younger model then the previous one, so it saves on water and electric compared to the old one, and takes less space because it’s only one machine when we used to have separate washer and dryer.

Other than that, this was usual month with spending. I paid off over 1,000€ of my debts, that’s a good thing. Without this washing machine thing I could have paid off more and save some also. But no such luck this month.

I need to talk with the gym for them sending my bills. I have card thing I get from work and I paid with that already, so there should not be any bills coming to me, but for some reason they keep sending me those, I paid those but next couple should be free, and they I get more money on the card from work.

I also changed to the weekend shift this month, so, next salary should be higher because of the extras, those sunday compensations. I don’t know to they pay extra in everywhere for working on Sundays, but in Finland they to so it makes sense to work on Sunday for me.




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