Net worth May 2016


To reach financial freedom someday it’s important to follow my finances. So that I know I’m spending my money in the right places and that my net worth is improving. My idea is to grow my assets and pay off my liabilities. Also, I need to change my assets in to assets that make cashflow for me.


Home: 279,200.00€
Portfolio: 3,879.00€
Debt handling account: 364.00€
Cash: 132.00€

Total: 283,575.00€


Mortgage: 225,873.00€
Student loans: 13,980.00€
Spending loan: 3,438.00€
Credit card: 1,150.00€

Total: 244,441.00€

Net worth 39,134.00€

That my net worth at the moment. Quite good when 2 years ago I was 12,000€ in the negative. I started to use my money better and not to spend it on useless stuff. Also, I have been really lucky, my assets like my home has grown in value and portfolio has also gained something in these last 2 years.



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